new release:
Kobi "live at sound of mu"
EndofhuM-14 (2014)

From 07.07.2009 until 03.10.2012
Kai Mikalsen arranged montly conserts at sound of mu in Oslo.
Most of the conserts was jamsessions with different friends
and some where conserts by The full line up Kobi, Alfabulator, WOLFgang and ka.

The conserts lasted from half an hour til one hour
and was all improviced.

This cd compilation is extracts from some of the conserts.

Featuring: Kai Kobi Mikalsen, Øyvind Hellner, Espen Ursin, Petter Pogo, Arne Borgan, Ulf A. S. Holbrook, Fredrik Ness Sevendal, Martin Powell, Per Gisle Galåen, Jonas Qvale, Alexander Rishaug, Petter F. Eilertsen, Mats Monstad, Kjetil Hanssen, Harald Fetveit and Lasse Marhaug

Mastered by: Kai Mikalsen

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